Fun fact 11/25/2017

Self-mummification, or Sokushinbutsu, was practiced by Buddhist monks in Japan from the 11th century to at least the late 19th century. It was achieved by only 24 monks by living on a special diet consisting of water, seeds and nuts for 1,000 days, then feeding on roots, pine bark and urushi tea for another 1,000 days. […]

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Fun fact 11/21/2017

Omg. Researchers are unearthing evidence that plants engage in regular conversation, including warning neighbors of herbivore attacks, alerting each other to threatening pathogens and impending droughts, and even recognizing kin. Moreover, plants can “talk” in several different ways: via airborne chemicals, soluble compounds exchanged by roots and networks of threadlike fungi, and perhaps even ultrasonic sounds. […]

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