Fun fact 06/24/2016

Two-day old chicken embryos have what looks like a very reptilian tail with 16 vertebrae. Later in development, though, most of the vertebrae disappear until only five are left. Scientist Hans Larsson, a palaeontologist at McGill University in Canada, conducted an experiment in November 2007 to gain more information about the evolution from dinosaurs’ long tails […]

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Fun fact 06/22/2015

If unraveled and stretched out, the DNA in the nucleus of a single human cell would be about 2 meters long, or 6 1/2 feet!! Taggart, Ralph, Christine Evers, and Lisa Starr. “4.6 The Nucleus.” Cell Biology and Genetics. By Cecie Starr. Vol. 1. N.p.: Cengage Learning, 2015. 62-63. Print.

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Fun fact 6/21/2016

Contrary to other mammalian species, small dogs have a longer average life span than the larger breeds. This hasn’t been 100% explained yet, but many  scientists believe that this is because large dogs age at an accelerated rate and may succumb to age-related illnesses sooner. Scientists have concluded that every 4.4 pounds of body mass […]

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